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A fond farewell

A sign of the last regular print client is folding. I'd been a contributor for almost 25 years. Celebration was a marvelous resource and I am sorry to see it go. The editors kindly invited me to choose a few of my favorite covers and write a reflection for the final issue.
Recent posts

Playing with colors and textures

Making something beautiful from repurposed materials: deconstructed old sweaters, leftover bits of yarn. This one is for my daughter. Planning to do more and contemplating getting a loom of my own.

"The world will be saved by beauty...and what is more beautiful than love?"

This quote from Dorothy Day, which builds on a line by Dostoyevsky, appears on this necklace by Contemplative Rebellion, along with charm featuring my scratchboard drawing of a woman kneading dough. Of course I had to order one for myself, and I wear it often. Since my daughter modeled for the illustration, it's particularly close to my heart--literally and figuratively! Proceeds benefit homeless women.

I'm just a designer who's an illustrator at heart

Once, while working for Franciscan Communications, my art director mentioned my tendency to incorporate my own illustrations into my graphic design. She thought perhaps I would be happier as an illustrator! I took her advice, and have been doing freelance illustration since 1995. I still like to use my own illustrations when designing a piece, as in this Save the Date card for NSEA. The background depicts the salmonberries and roses found in the Pacific Northwest. The fish are Chinook Salmon. After completing the scratchboard illustrations, I had them scanned then added color in Photoshop. Ultimately they were placed into an InDesign file and output for printing.

Update as of late July: The communications director at NSEA informed me that the dinner sold out quickly. Glad the card did its job!

Exciting graphic design project

My design the 2017 Annual Report for the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association. What a satisfying project, working with Brett Baunton's gorgeous photography and contributing to the important environmental mission of this fine group. Entire publication here.

Working with this group is helping me feel more grounded in my new surroundings in northwestern Washington State.

A nod from the Emmaus Center for Music, Prayer and Ministry

Thank you, David Haas, for your appreciation and support. I am honored to be in such fine company! Check it out here.

A New World: Contemporary Art Exploring Dorothy Day's Vision of Social Justice

Last fall I was invited to contribute a piece to this show which opens December 16 at the Sheen Center in New York City. Though I have created a few portraits of Dorothy Day (see my recent posts for two of them), I chose to send this scratchboard drawing instead. The exhibit juxtaposes excerpts from Dorothy's writings with art addressing the ideals she devoted her life to such as social justice, voluntary poverty, resistance to racial prejudice, and nonviolence. The artists represented in the show include those, like myself, whose artwork has appeared in The Catholic Worker newspaper as well artists who have been homeless and imprisoned. My image of a woman kneading dough was originally created to illustrate Christ's parable of the leaven, certainly apropos considering the strength and persistence of the legacy inspired by Dorothy's life. I also see in this image the voluntary simplicity of Dorothy, her respect for domestic work, and her service to others. The woman's …