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My scratchboard illustrations are often mistaken for woodcut prints. This year I took the opportunity to learn how to do the real thing when I created the art for the March page of the Tiger Lily Press2009 calendar. Thanks to Rick Finn, a friend from TLP, who gave me some pointers. What a difference good sharp tools and the right kind of wood made! At left is my second woodblock print, an image of St. Francis of Assisi singing the canticle he composed in praise of God's creation.

Mary's song

My interpretation of Mary's Magnificat will appear on the cover of the January 2009 issue of Celebration. (Copyright 2008 by Julie Lonneman)

Come to the water

This recently completed work illustrates an article by Walter Brueggemann, and will appear on the cover of the March 2009 issue of Celebration. The article is an exegesis of Isaiah 55, "Come to the water." The illustration is meant to express the abundance of God's life. (Copyright 2008 by Julie Lonneman)

Trinity, alternate version

A variation of the illustration in the post below. A client saw the original illustration and liked it, but wanted something more inclusive. Isn't Photoshop amazing? (Copyright 2008 by Julie Lonneman)


Here's an illustration that I created for the Living the Word column in a recent issue of Sojourners magazine. Three men, residents of a homeless shelter, were mentioned in the column. In my illustration, light surrounding them proclaims their human dignity and echoes the Transfiguration, as understood by the author. The echoes of the icon of the Holy Trinity by Rubleyev, and to the Eucharist, add subtle layers of meaning. (Copyright 2008 by Julie Lonneman)

Cleaning Lady

Illustrating the Living the Word column each month for Sojourners magazine gives me the opportunity to imagine and depict contemporary interpretations of the biblical message. I like that. Here's one that appeared in the November issue to illustrate the Advent readings. (Copyright 2008 by Julie Lonneman)

Blind beggar

This spot illustration appeared in Sojourners magazine last summer. (Copyright 2008 by Julie Lonneman)

Campfire circle

I recently finished this scratchboard illustration for the February 2009 issue of Sojourners magazine. My work is regularly featured in their "Living the Word" column. (Copyright 2008 by Julie Lonneman)