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New directions

During the past couple years, I've taken the opportunity to do more fine art (as opposed to illustration). Maybe it's the empty nest and a little more time and energy. More likely it's the dearth of illustration jobs. Anyway I've enjoyed these explorations very much. Nine of these recent works are now in a group show at Gallery Salveo through April. The opening is Thursday, February 17th from 5 - 7 pm at 3805 Edwards Rd., 5th floor. (Image copyright 2011 by Julie Lonneman.)


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Digital experiments

My illustration for the February 2014 Celebration cover is meant to convey the many layers of meaning in the scriptures available to homilists.

Though this illustration is unabashedly digital, I started by sketching by hand. Then I cut the basic shapes out of plastic with a knife, also by hand. At that point I scanned them to my computer, added color and manipulated them in Photoshop.

Pope Francis

Another recent work for the cover of Celebration.

Cover art

St. Anthony Messenger picked up my image of Dorothy Day for their August 2016 cover.